Sunday, 29 July 2012


So, first things first. I should introduce myself to all the bloggers out there. So here's how it is my name is Maham and I am a 19 year old girl, which immediately tells you that I am still studying
I am currently living in  the beautiful city  Rawalpindi, Pakistan, but I have spent most of my childhood in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.
We lived there for about 12 years and during that time I learnt so much about their traditions, cuisine, culture and what not! Life there for girls is strict, Not that I have a problem with it but many think its suffocating! The point of mentioning this is that I grew up in this environment so I have privacy concerns. Which means I won't be posting pictures of myself , I hope there is nothing wrong with that!
So what will I share through my Blog? Everything and anything is the answer :) A few ideas that I have in mind are listed below.

 Easy Recipes

I have this extreme  passion and love for cooking and baking . These cooking germs were transmitted to me by my mum who is an awesome cook! I have learnt a lot from her and will share it through this blog. Like I told you, we lived in Jeddah for 12 years so she knows a lot of their authentic recipes and as I am a Pakistani,  the traditional essence is there as well. Another thing, I just love junk food but junk food can be healthy if made at home and some healthy options are chosen, of course without compromising with taste! The most important thing that I almost forgot was that I am a chocoholic, which automatically makes me an avid follower of Nigella Lawson ( the chocolate queen I must say).So lets sum it up and tell you whats on your way:
  •  step by step authentic Saudi recipes
  • Traditional Pakistani recipes
  •  baking in easy and relaxed style
  • fast food as well( my favorite:p)
  • Pizza, pastas, biscuits and a lot more
  • lots of chocolate for chocolate lovers

Skincare, Home Remedies and Much More

I personally believe that there is nothing better than home remedies when it comes to skincare. To me all these beauty products like fairness creams, pills etc.  are like alcohol, once you are addicted to them you just can't leave them. They have side effects too which can actually be worse than the original problem. So, I totally rely on my granny's and older people's home remedies which might not give immediate effects but have no side effects and good in  long term. So I will share those remedies that I have benefited from. Plus I will try to highlight health benefits of different things in nature as well. Sounds boring but I will make it interesting :)

Rawalpindi and its magic!

So not many people know what this city has for us. When it comes to shopping, outing with friends or dining out, Rawalpindi is considered  one of the most dull cities in Pakistan which is so not true! Yeah its not as good as Karachi or Lahore but it does exist somewhere in the race.I just love the twin cities and love the fact that its not overcrowded. There is alot to explore so a lot of store reviews on the way, keep your eyes glued :)


You must have noticed that I am following a lot of beauty bloggers but why is makeup in the end of my list? Because for me makeup was just kajal or lip gloss until I found about this whole YouTube and blogger community that is totally dedicated to makeup. I am still in the learning process of this art and If I know something  related to this then will surely update the new beginners out there as well. Hope this goes well :)

My Hobbies

So finally my hobbies. First what are the, I just love fabric painting and glass painting, whenever I get time I always try to do it. So I will be sharing my projects whenever I do them, some tips I know that can help others. Mehndi art is also something that I enjoy doing, though I am not a professional because I have not learned this art, I still manage to do some fine work. Will definitely share my inspirations. So some occasional posts on my hobbies will be posted.


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