Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CREABeauty Giveaway on Kalapalette

Kalapalette: CREABeauty Giveaway:  A giveaway going on and there will be 2 winners chosen via raffle-copter. the prizes are ahmazing, 1 is the creaclip hamper and the other is the creanail hampers!! I always wanted the creaclip and it is one very useful product! There is not much time left so enter quickly!!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Msodapop Giveaway!!

Hey everyone!! I just entered a giveaway so thought of sharing it with you. click on the link below to enter

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quick and Easy Tips For Under-Circles and Fine lines!

 Your eyes are one feature that can tell alot about you. Whether you are sad, happy, tensed, tired and so on. Any imperfection around this sensitive eye area can ruin your whole look.Dark circles and fine lines at a very young age is daunting. It can happen because of different reasons but in an early age the reason usually is lack of proper sleep, too much TV, computer,etc., sun exposure, iron deficiency and sometimes improper diet. These two things can make you look aged and obviously tired , no matter how good your features and skin are. One temporary solution is to use concealers and foundations but that's not the ultimate solution. So I'll be listing some DO's and DO NOTS to help with these two major problems, simple things that can be done easily.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Indomie Noodles!!!!

Since I've started blogging, my camera is acting weird and I can't take good pictures! so I obviously can not do makeup swatches as I do not want to put up misleading pictures. Can't get any worse :@ So I am thinking what to write ( something for which pictures can be taken by my mobile)  and the silliest idea came up, MY FAVORITE 2-MINUTE NOODLES!! Nope I am not not kidding but yah mad, yes a little =D

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tips, Inspirational Pictures and Videos for Henna Application

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone's fine and making the most of Ramadan. Since Eid is just round the corner, I wanted to share some stuff on henna/ mehndi. Some people,like myself, like to apply mehndi ourselves on Eid. I mean why not! Its a real fun thing to do, even if you are not a pro you could at least try. I really don't want to blabber on and just want this post to be straight forward. So what say, first the tips and then the pictures and videos :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Skincare Tips For Summers!

Hey everyone!! I know I might be a little late in posting about summer tips but I guess the heat is still on and some people might find these tips handy. So, my skin is very oily and in summers I really have to do a lot for my skin otherwise I look dull and gloomy. So here are are some home remedies that really do wonders to my skin, I thought of sharing them so other people can benefit  as well.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sneak Peek:My Love for Purses and Hand Bags!!!

Hello!! Today's post is about my obsession for purses. I am like that little boy who has his nose stuck to the candy shop's window and wishes all that candy was mine! In my case its purses. No matter how many I have I still want more. So I went  shopping today with my mum and I must say it is so hard so shop with her!! you just can't wander around and even look at things if you want.She always has a list and strictly follows that and no here and there.Since it's Ramadan she made it a point to return home early to make the iftari. But you know I somehow manage to sneak out *evil grin*