Monday, 6 August 2012

Indomie Noodles!!!!

Since I've started blogging, my camera is acting weird and I can't take good pictures! so I obviously can not do makeup swatches as I do not want to put up misleading pictures. Can't get any worse :@ So I am thinking what to write ( something for which pictures can be taken by my mobile)  and the silliest idea came up, MY FAVORITE 2-MINUTE NOODLES!! Nope I am not not kidding but yah mad, yes a little =D

I just love these noodles when I was kid and now too. I was so delighted to see them in a store one day. Its an absolute treat. I usually have this for sehri :p A bowl of these and I am good the whole day. People crave about maggie but I am not a big fan of them, I actually prefer knorr over them. So yah about these ones, they are manufactured in Indonesia and halal. They have two seasonings and small packet of oil in them with the usual noodle cake. Easy to make like other 2-minutes. Here it is :

I feel like having another bowl, I just love noodles!!! Guys these are must try.
take care and stay happy!!

Have you ever tried Indomie noodles?


  1. Thank you for your comment dear :)

    I loooove noodles (vegetable)