Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quick and Easy Tips For Under-Circles and Fine lines!

 Your eyes are one feature that can tell alot about you. Whether you are sad, happy, tensed, tired and so on. Any imperfection around this sensitive eye area can ruin your whole look.Dark circles and fine lines at a very young age is daunting. It can happen because of different reasons but in an early age the reason usually is lack of proper sleep, too much TV, computer,etc., sun exposure, iron deficiency and sometimes improper diet. These two things can make you look aged and obviously tired , no matter how good your features and skin are. One temporary solution is to use concealers and foundations but that's not the ultimate solution. So I'll be listing some DO's and DO NOTS to help with these two major problems, simple things that can be done easily.


  •  Since the root cause is not getting enough sleep, try to get a proper sleep of 7-8 hours and that should be at night. A proper sleep is always at night.
  • the under eye area is very thin so keeping it moist is very important. this will prevent fine lines and using olive oil works for under circles.Before sleeping, remove all your makeup and do light massage of olive oil. How you do that is by first dabbing teeny bit of oil under the eyes with index finger( the lowest pressure is in this finger) then with the same finger, bringing your finger from the inner corner to the outer corner. Do this very lightly for maybe 10 to 15 times. This tip is of Zubaida tariq ( this woman speaks from experience) and I have been doing it religiously for 10 days now , seeing a slight difference as well!
  • Another tip of zubaida Tariq is to use potatoes. Grate one and soak in ice cold water with a tablespoon of honey. Put these chilled potatoes on eyes and lay back for 20 minutes. then also wash face with the same chilled water. Do this two times a week. I googled about this and potato does work but there were many tips using potato in many ways. One was to puree the potato, chill it and then apply. I think this one is easier, to be honest I haven't done this but will do and update.
  • I have also started taking multivitamin tablets as my doctor prescribed them, it's not that I am weak or something in fact I need to shed a few kilos ( trying to clear that even chubby people can have deficiencies). As I was having continuous mouth ulcers, hair loss, etc. So I googled and voila multivitamins work for curing under circles ( Always take medicines prescribed by doctor.)
  • washing your eyes is also very important. I have used an eye cleansing lotion but it caused some bad irritation and redden my eyes so I discontinued it. The way I clean my eyes now is by taking  clean drinking water( room temperature) in a small cup or bowl, dip my eyes and blink continuously. After doing this I feel fresh and sometime the vision is clearer :)


  • NEVER rub your eyes if you feel irritation and if somethings gone into the eye as it will not only damage your outer eye but the inside as well. If there is something like an eyelash that's stuck in your eye, read this article to take it out properly here
  • Be very careful when using scrubs and face packs. NEVER apply or scrub around your eye area. As this can cause premature wrinkling.
  • Watching TV and using cellphone and computers in dark can make things worse too. 
  • Apparently, eating salty food is also not good for under circles. This was stated in a research a read a few days ago.

I hope these tips will be helpful and if I find some new tips I will update this post. If you find this helpful please share it with others as well. Thanks
take care and stay beautiful :)


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  2. Good tips, I tried the potato one and it worked really well for my puffy eyes :D

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