Thursday, 2 August 2012

Skincare Tips For Summers!

Hey everyone!! I know I might be a little late in posting about summer tips but I guess the heat is still on and some people might find these tips handy. So, my skin is very oily and in summers I really have to do a lot for my skin otherwise I look dull and gloomy. So here are are some home remedies that really do wonders to my skin, I thought of sharing them so other people can benefit  as well.

 Oatmeal scrub

consistency of scrub
This scrub is made with three things, 1tsp of coarse oatmeal powder,1 tsp of gram flour and 2 tbsp of yogurt. Mix these things together to form a thick paste. Apply a thin layer on your face( free of makeup and lotion)  and wait till it slightly dries. Then gently scrub this mixture like you do with a normal scrub. Wash off with cold water. This can be done 2-3 times a week The thing you'll notice is that your skin will be baby soft and lesser whiteheads and blackheads. The gram flour really does a good job in removing just that excess oil at the same not making your skin totally dry and oatmeal is the scrubbing agent. I usually don't feel the need to use a face wash when I use this.

  Refreshing Cucumber mask

Cucumber is one of my favorite vegetables. It is really refreshing to apply a mask of it. Basic mask is to  grind half a cucumber with some aloe vera gel or lemon juice, whatever you like( Just the cucumber works fine too). Apply it over you face and lay back for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cool  water. This Mask is very relaxing in summers, you can use this as often as you like. When I am tired this works best for me.


Aloe Vera gel

This truly is a gift to us from nature. There are tons of health benefits in Aloe Vera and I find it best for oily skin. It really helps in closing those open pores. After using the oatmeal scrub I use aloe vera for my open pores. Just cut aloe vera and you'll see a gel inside it, that is what you use. Apply all over your face, when it starts too dry off, wash it with normal tap water.  Aloe vera  is easily available everywhere but if its not visit a plant nursery  and you can actually cut some and keep it in your fridge. I wouldn't recommend those gels you get in bottles, its way better to use fresh one.


Keeping you skin clean and hydrated is essential in summers. My skin feels really fresh when I rub ice, wrapped in a cloth, all over my face. For some it might be harsh so splashing some chilled water couple of times on your face really helps too. The key point is keeping your skin as clean as possible.

Sunscreens, face-washes and moisturizers
When going out in the sun you should be very careful as the harmful rays can really damage your skin. So keep a sunscreen with you depending on which really suits you.
Another home remedy is when you return home after a sunny day, cut a potato in half, sprinkle a pinch of salt so the juices come out and rub that immediately over your face.
Face-washes are very important too, I have tried ponds but I feel that they really dry out my skin but with himalaya's neem face wash it's not the same. After using that I really don't feel the need of a moisturizer. Speaking of moisturizers the one I like are jergens and nivea. When buying a moisturizer keep in mind that it should be water based not oil based

Eating Habits

Last but not the least, your eating habit. Yes that matters a lot because no matter how much you try to paint the walls of a house, they are going to crack if the inside material is not good. Eating light in summers and having lots of fluid is very important. Fluids in the form of fresh juices and water are best. Seasonal fruits like water melons ,melons, peaches, strawberries and grapes are a must  have. Avoid eating fried food because it is really going to make things worse for you and this is the reason for acne breakouts an pimples.

So this was about it, I hope you find it helpful.  :) 

Note: I can not guarantee if this will work for you because naturally every skin is different than the other. I have just told you what I do so please try at your own responsibility. I can not be blamed for anything.

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