Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sneak Peek:My Love for Purses and Hand Bags!!!

Hello!! Today's post is about my obsession for purses. I am like that little boy who has his nose stuck to the candy shop's window and wishes all that candy was mine! In my case its purses. No matter how many I have I still want more. So I went  shopping today with my mum and I must say it is so hard so shop with her!! you just can't wander around and even look at things if you want.She always has a list and strictly follows that and no here and there.Since it's Ramadan she made it a point to return home early to make the iftari. But you know I somehow manage to sneak out *evil grin*

So a very chick red bag attraced me in Brand City  (bank road,saddar) but I was late, when I came in someone had  already bought it *sigh* which is why that beauty couldn't  make it to my camera hence my blog too. Anyway,here are some clicks.There's a 20% off sale going on in Brand city so do check it out. These bags are so summer-ish in terms of color and I love the idea of  large beaded straps. Gives them a funky and girly look :)

This was available in red, very pretty!! original price PKR 1250 after discount PKR 1000

PKR 1000
PKR 750
PKR 750

But I didn't buy anything, because the bags didn't shout out loud enough for me to buy them :) But its always good to look around, that's fun too. I hope you enjoyed the post and that is it for now :)

Do you like purses as much as I do? Any shop from where you buy in particular?

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