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Tips, Inspirational Pictures and Videos for Henna Application

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone's fine and making the most of Ramadan. Since Eid is just round the corner, I wanted to share some stuff on henna/ mehndi. Some people,like myself, like to apply mehndi ourselves on Eid. I mean why not! Its a real fun thing to do, even if you are not a pro you could at least try. I really don't want to blabber on and just want this post to be straight forward. So what say, first the tips and then the pictures and videos :)

Henna Application Tips for Beginners

  • Always start with simple designs first , master them and then move on to the advance and complex designs.
  • Choosing the right henna cone is the most important thing. Some people make it at home, but I just thing its messy and time consuming, why bother making one when they are easily available. I use Singhar Cones( one in the golden packaging). Its perfect for me.
  • Holding the cone in a proper way is some difficult thing to do. Specially when working with a new cone, because its very heavy and stiff. Some hold it as pen, I do this when the cone is new. Sometimes folding the cone and then holding it helps too (can't do this with a new cone)
  • As they say, Practice makes a man perfect. So start practicing on a mirror first. Individually perfecting the small elements of a design will help a lot. When you get them right, Practice the whole design on hand and immediately remove so henna stain is not dark.
  • Keeping a light hand is also important specially for delicate designs

Inspirational  Youtube Videos and Pictures

First of all I must mention that these videos are not mine and I will mention out who they belong to. They are just some videos that I take inspiration from and they helped me a lot in improving my skills. Another thing, I am not a pro, Just a normal person who tries these designs on festive occasions like Eid, marriages, etc.


 Aishwaryamelia was the first channel I found on youtube that really impressed me. She is polish girl who is doing this from a very young age and apparently did a course on this too( not really sure) All the videos on her channel are so clear that they help a lot. Amazing amazing work! One video that I think will help in terms of application is this one amelia's simple mehndi design. Isn't she just perfect. Do check out the all the videos on her channel. First I was thinking to upload to the picture here but why not share the whole gallery of hers aishwaryamelia's gallery.


SyraSkins is another awesome channel. They do henna application  professionally in Singapore, for brides apparently! Their designs are not the usual ones. They are very different, which is why I was attracted. On this channel its just not the designs but other stuff as well, like making cones,etc. They even sell their cones  worldwide. Now I won't say that these Videos can help a lot if you want to copy the whole designs as the videos are in bits and pieces but you can surely take some inspirations from them. They usually do bridal stuff .One of the video that I like is this Moroccan Inspired Bridal Henna, Visit  SyraSkins Facebook Page for more inspirations.

I Love Indian Makeup

I love Indian Makeup This channel is amazing. Series of traditional henna designs vidoes. No time lapsing and cutting You can learn a whole loy from her videos. just amazing!! Do visit this channel, I really dont have to say much because the work speaks for itself :)

Pictures ( From Aishwaryamelia's Gallery)

Some of the pictures I just love from her gallery :)

I hope this post was helpful and do visit the mentioned channels.I am sure you'll  decide to apply mehndi after seeing these. These videos are addictive :)

Do you apply Mehndi yourself on Eid? Do write in..

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