Friday, 8 February 2013

NOTD for Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone! So valentine's day is just round the corner so I thought of doing a simple nail art for it. Not that I celebrate valentine's day but I guess when it comes to blogging, you really have to the follow up with themes and events. This was my first time wearing a red nail lacquer on, but I totally loved this mani as the black hearts really toned down the brightness of the red!
Products Used
Medora nail polish in 222
Rivaj Fusion nail polish black
detail brush (here)
dotting tool ( not in the pic)
nail polish remover
few cotton buds for cleaning up

 How to do?
 This look is very simple to do! Two coats of medora nail polish in 222 or any red. Then with the detail brush draw the hearts with black nail polish. Never mind if they aren't perfect, I actually like irregular ones they look funkier :D Then with a dotting tool or a bobby pin, randomly add dots wherever you feel empty spaces. To clean up any mess on the sides of the nails, use the cotton buds and polish remover to clean. And its that simple.

Random click. haha

I hope you liked it. I know the application is kinda messy but this was my first time with dark colors plus nail art. Since I recently developed this thing for nail art, I am practicing to improve my skills. Please comment below for any suggestions, I would love to hear them :) 

Take Care,

Maham xx


  1. Ahhh nail art with twich and choco sandwich <3 maham its an awsum combo ;)

  2. haha! U didnt notice the math book under it! Snacking during studies :p

  3. These look so cute! ^^ xo

  4. These are super cute and neat nails <3
    Loving them :)

    1. thank you Mahnoor :) your comment made my day <3

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