Friday, 7 June 2013

Review- Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist in Hot Pink

 Oriflame has a welcome for its new members. March's welcome was way too irresistable for me so I forced my mum to become a member just to get the gifts. lol Got this lipstick worth Rs.690 for Rs.100 only! Next month a perfume for Rs. 100 and the month after that a classy bag( that's not in the catalog)! wow right :) If you want to avail such offers too contact me on my Fb page

Moving on to the review :

  • Comes in a classy black and silver packaging.
  •  Moisturizing & non-sticky formula. 
  • Provide subtle sheen to the lips, making them look healthy & fuller.
  • Color range includes dark matte shades.
  • looks red in the pics but its actually a bright pink shade.
  • The only lipstick range of oriflame that does not have glitter in it.

My Thoughts:
I like:

  • Easy application, Glides on smoothly
  • Ideal formula, not too creamy not too matte.
  • Perfect for medium to fair skin tones.
  • It brightens up the fair skin tones.
  • applies evenly on the lips and fades nicely too.
  • Very subtle peachy fragrance, not at all bothering.
  • Great quantity & quality as compared to the price.

Wow Factor:

  • The color
  • Stay on power
  • Great consistency.
     I don't like:

    • Colour is not opaque in one swipe, really need to build up the color. The color in stick is dark but the same intensity does not transfer on lips
    • Color range has very dark shades, only this one bright.


    I would surely recommend this to those :
    • who are looking for a bright pink shade.
    • who want a glitter free and mosturing lipstick.
    • who are looking for dark shades as well as rest of the shades are dark.

    Where to buy:
    This lipstick is priced Rs. 690 and can be purchased from oriflame consultants.
    Oriflame cosmetics are not available in departmental store but you can get through consultants. I am a consultant too, so if anybody interested feel free to contact me through my Fb page. Becoming a consultant is also very beneficial, 20% discount on every product and monthly sales action is way too good. So I recommend everyone to become a member and get the most of it. For details contact me on my page :)

    I hope you liked my review, if you've used this lipstick do let me know your views in the comments below.

    This product was purchased by myself. Being an Oriflame consultant has not affected my views in any way. My review is honest.


  1. Great review maham. I have used it but its not really hot, its just pink!

    1. yes its pink! but I truly adore the shade and it actually makes my lips very smooth too :)

  2. Thank you for dropping by honey! Loved replying to all your lovely comments on my posts..
    It was so good to read them.
    You are dong great reviews, keep it up!
    I am following you now, via GFC and Twitter.
    Love you and tc :)

    1. thank you for stopping by and for the lovely words :) xx

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  4. nice review girl :) color is so new to me.. i hope it will look good on you

  5. The color is really pretty!
    Btw, love your blog so I passed on the liebster award to you :)
    have a look:

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  7. Love the shade & the best thing is it's glitter free. I would like to have one. I haven't checked the catalogue, would check first whether it's available in current catalogue & order it then.

  8. Great color if you get what it actually looks like. Maroons really compliment Asian complexion! Happy blogging!

  9. pretty color :)


  10. I want to join oriflame anybody know how much i can get? Currently i am buying from at 40% discount. Can i get 40% discount or more after join oriflame. Please let me know.